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Instructions for use IRON-ONS

Only suitable for textiles that allow for ironing and are free of any water- or adhesive-resistant treatment. Iron-ons do not feel sticky to the touch, adhesion will be activated with the heat of the iron. Iron-ons are permanent and mashine washable at at least 40°. Always keep iron-ons in their packaging - the labels like it cool, dry and dark. 

  1. Empty all water out of iron and switch off steam function! Set temperature between medium and high. Turn clothing inside out to make it easier to move iron.

  2. Put iron-on face-up on the fabric and place smooth baking paper over the top of the label for protection.

  3. Without moving iron, press approximately 25 seconds with lots of pressure (best with pointed part of iron) and then carefully iron corners and outer edges for another 10 seconds.

  4. Allow to cool. Slowly peel baking paper away. Check if iron-ons have really melted (!) everywhere into fabric if not iron once again. If label peels slightly after washing repeat procedure.

TIP: Labels can also be ioned on to the clothing care tag. 



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