How to sticker!

Sticker Fact Sheet

Super durable name stickers for kids' stuff, shoes and clothing.



19,40 € incl. VAT plus Shipping


1 sticker set includes 64 name stickers in 7 different shapes PLUS 12 sweet monster-stickers extra!


  • stick on plastic, wood, glass, metal, leather, felt and textiles/fabrics 
  • dishwasher-proof
  • machine-washable at 40° (stick on clothing care tag – please refer to: How to sticker!
  • superglossy, scratch-proof surface (images will not rub off or fade!)


Personalize your sticker set with our LABELMAKER


  • Slider small sticker 01
  • Slider small sticker 02
  • Slider small sticker 03
  • Slider small sticker 01 big
  • Slider small sticker 02 big
  • Slider small sticker 03 big
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