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Instructions for use STICKERS

Area where you wish to apply sticker must be smooth, clean, dry, non-greasy and free of any adhesive-, water- or dust-resistant treatment. Stickers are dishwasher safe and adhere to plastic, wood, glass, metal, and textiles/fabric. They are permanent except on most textiles. Always keep stickers in their packaging - the labels like it cool, dry and dark.*

Carefully peel and apply label. Smooth down sticker to remove possible bubbles and finally press firmly, especially at corners and outer edges.

With textiles: the fabric must be untreated. A labeled textile may be machine washed but only if the sticker is placed firmly onto the smooth, non-woven, coating & laminate free clothing care tag. If a sticker peels slightly after washing, quickly press on again while laundry is still damp. May be washed at least 8-10 times at 40° without fabric softener.

TIP: Using stickers on textiles is practical for shoes, school bags and clothes that are rarely or never machine washed, such as jackets, snowsuits, swimwear, hats, scarves etc.


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